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Introducing the Saoji Dental Clinic: A Complete Smile Makover Studio, led by the accomplished duo of Dr. Varun Saoji and Dr. Priyanka Handa Saoji. This clinic stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of dental care. With over a decade of expertise, Dr. Varun Saoji, boasting an Implantology degree from the UK and a Master’s in Orthodontics, is renowned for his exceptional knowledge and proficiency. 

His unwavering commitment to dental science distinguishes him within the field, cementing his position as an expert in the realm of oral healthcare.Complementing this expertise is Dr. Priyanka Handa Saoji, an Endodontist with extensive proficiency in specialties such as Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry. 

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Your Journey

Pre-treatment Evaluation

At Saoji Dental Clinic, our Pre-treatment Evaluation stands as a crucial step ensuring comprehensive care tailored to your specific dental needs.

Travel & Accomodation

Whether you’re traveling from afar or seeking a comfortable stay during your treatment period, we’re committed to ensuring that your dental journey with us is stress-free and comfortable.


our treatment philosophy revolves around personalized care and cutting-edge techniques, ensuring that every patient receives exceptional dental care tailored to their unique needs.

After treatment care

Our commitment to your dental well-being extends beyond the completion of your treatment.Our After Treatment Care focuses on ensuring a smooth and comfortable recovery process.



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Consultation and Assessment

At Saoji Dental Clinic, our Consultation and Assessment phase marks the pivotal beginning of your dental journey.

Customized Treatment Plan and Cost

Crafting personalized treatment paths and transparent costs, Dr. Saoji Dental Clinic ensures your ideal smile with clarity and care.

Travel and Accommodation

Discover convenience with our travel guidance and recommended accommodations, ensuring a hassle-free visit at Dr. Saoji Dental Clinic.

Dental Treatment after Care

Our commitment doesn't end with your treatment. .Our comprehensive after-care approach ensures a smooth recovery and sustained oral health.

Accessible Convenience

Location Highlights

Tourist Hotspot

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Juhu, Mumbai, a renowned neighborhood famous for its upscale charm and stunning beach.

Proximity to Mumbai International Airport

Conveniently located near Mumbai International Airport, our clinic is easily accessible for international patients.

Accommodation Options

Choose from a range of accommodation options, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay during your dental treatment.

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